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疫情概念股有哪些   项目位置:丹麦哥本哈根

  项目面积:3200 ㎡


疫情概念股有哪些   建筑师:MVRDV

  主创建筑师:Jacob van Rijs

  责任合伙人:Fokke Moerel

  设计团队:Mette Rasmussen, Julius Kirchert, Klaas Hofman, Francisco Pomares, Armor Gutierrez-Rivas, Buster Christensen, Attilio Ranieri, Chris Green, Kate van Heusen, Henryk Struski, Emanuela Gioffreda, Raymond van den Broek, Sanne van der Burgh, Karl Johan Nyquist, Maria López Calleja, Kasper Albrektsen

  合作建筑师: ADEPT

  景观设计师: SLA

疫情概念股有哪些   成本核算: Søren Jensen

疫情概念股有哪些   机电工程:Max Fordham

疫情概念股有哪些   活动设施咨询:Jens Ole Jensen



疫情概念股有哪些   Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark opened the Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement, an activity hub in Frederiksberg, Denmark, which explores the boundaries between culture, health and movement. The project, designed by MVRDV and ADEPT, is the first of its typology; a community space which also focuses on exploring and developing our most fundamental process, movement.



疫情概念股有哪些   The 3200 m2 Ku.Be House of Culture in Movement was designed for the municipality of Frederiksberg as a focal point for both the immediate community and also the wider area of Copenhagen; one that the people themselves could take ownership of and that would evolve its programme based on the specificwants and needs of its users.



疫情概念股有哪些   The project is a new typology, developed out of the response to a brief that solely asked for a building that would bring people together and improve the quality of life. In reply MVRDV and ADEPT answered with one that blends theatre, sport and learning into a space wherebody and mind are activated to promote a more healthy life for everyone, regardless of age, ability or interest; creating links between people that wouldn’t otherwise connect with each other. 


疫情概念股有哪些   Ku.Be文化运动中心设有固定式和与能够自发的空间。主要的空间定义了具体的活动空间,而被留下的虚空间则没有特定的使用功能,旨在让使用者诠释他们的想法,自行发现空间的使用方式,并自由地游走在空间中。活动空间从里面延续到社区的花园,并且提供各种不同互动的交流环境。

疫情概念股有哪些   Ku.Be facilitates both fixed, and spontaneous programmes. Main volumes define specific tempos of activities, whereas voids are left without a defined use to let users interpret them how they wish and discover new ways to use and get around the building. The activity from inside then spills out into the community as a garden which will offer a variety of interactive environments.



  The six primary volumes which make up Ku.Be, each with their own programme, are clad in aunique colour and material, clearly defining them within the building; from outside these shapes are hinted at in the fragmented tile façade.


疫情概念股有哪些   “较大的体量适合举办演出和举行公共会议,小型的空间则可用于展览和辩论。快节奏风格的房间非常适合跳舞和跑酷;带有禅意氛围的房间则适合瑜伽或冥想,形成对比。连接两者的体量将成为最有意思的空间;我们的设计对空间用途稍做暗示,但是真正的使用方式则将完全由用户做主。”

  “Larger volumes are suited to hold performances or public meetings, smaller ones can be for exhibitions or debates. The fast-pace rooms are perfect for dance, or parkour; and zen rooms give you the contrast of yoga or meditation. It’s between these volumes where the real fun will happen though; spaces where we hint at a use, but which will become entirely user-defined.”



疫情概念股有哪些   The route through the building focuses on developing and encouraging alternate forms of movement. The Labyrinth gets people on their hands and knees climbing through a three dimensional network of cubes from the second to third floors; or alternatively they could take the Mousetrap, a vertical maze.


疫情概念股有哪些   一张大网贯穿几层楼,用户在层与层之间可以爬上爬下——悬于空中;滑梯和消防钢管提供了一种快速下楼的途径。

  A net which spans several floors throughout the building, lets users climb up from floor to floor –suspended over the voids – and slides and fireman poles offer a fast way to getback down.


  “在Ku.Be,我们试图完全突破建筑中的传统体验,”ADEPT的共创人Martin Krogh说。“本来在建筑中简单盲目的行走,在这里变成了对运动的探索和发现。你可以按照喜欢的方式来进行探索,攀、滑、爬……甚至跳。”为了适合不同年龄阶层和个体情况,我们提供了简单和标准两种不同选择;尽管如此,Ku.Be仍很好地保持了视觉上的承接。”

  “In Ku.Be we tried to turn your average experience of a building on its head,” tells ADEPT co-founder Martin Krogh. “What would otherwise be a simple, mindless journey through the building turns into an exploration and discovery of movement. Here it’s you that defines the route, however you want: climbing, sliding, crawling … jumping.” To cater for all abilities and ages, both easier and more standard ways of moving around are provided but even then a visual connection is maintained throughout Ku.Be.


疫情概念股有哪些   连接Ku.Be和城市的都市花园对八个体量和其内部活动的表达,起到了重要作用。变化的声音、灯光和气味构成了微缩景观系统,与自带滑梯的“山坡”无缝融合;这些多样化的景观一直延伸到花园和圆形剧场。

  The urban gardens outside form the connection between Ku.Be and the urban realm, playing an important role in expressing the eight volumes and the activities happening inside. The diverse landscape - a system of microclimates with changing sounds, lights and scents which blends seamlessly into a hill with integrated slides - reaches out into the gardens and ends in an amphitheatre outside.


疫情概念股有哪些   作为腓特烈斯贝城市景观的延伸,这个文化和运动中心将在一定程度上起到整合社区的作用,并有望成为社区未来发展的孵化器。

疫情概念股有哪些   By becoming an extension of the urban landscape of Frederiksberg and integrating the community to such an extent, the House of Culture and Movement looks to become an incubator for further development within the neighbourhood.